Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Time out from blogging

Sorry guys, just need some time out for a while, hope you understand :-)

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Never, never, never give up

I bought a singlet top from Lorna Jane (pink) with the words "Never, never, never give up" the other day. I wondering if i'm trying to tell myself something? I think it stands for all aspects of your life.

Anyway....I haven't blogged much about my training etc so I will update a little now :-)

As you know post comp I had my ups and downs (just like everyone else), will i'm happy to say i'm past all that now. I have been maintaining a weight i'm happy with it now and will continue to do so. I haven't used the scales since the day before my comp and I don't intend to use them until I start comp prep whenever that might be, I don't find it necessary to use them as I know they will screw with my head as they are not an accurate way of knowing how fat or lean I am.
Instead I can look in the mirror and see for myself :-) Also knowing I only went up one dress size since the comp is a good indication.

I have been training or exercising almost daily as really need it, it keeps me sane (I think lol). My training is going well, getting stronger and adding a little more size through different training programs and mix ups. Cardio has got my fitness levels up a little more too, so all good there.
Food has been easy to deal with lately, but I have had to remind myself to eat and not go over that 4 hour limit without eating, big no no.
Since New Year's eve where i got so completely plastered and suffered severely the following day I have vowed to cut back on the grog. So I will try, no promises though ;-)
No point in drinking other then it makes me feel really good and relaxed for a little while, but the side effects just aren't worth it. The side effects being added calories (no thanks), feeling ill and guilty in the morning (no thanks)!

But don't freak, I don't have a drinking problem, but if anything in my diet needed polishing up this would be it!!

Blogging today made me realize how much I missed it :-)

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Thank You

I guess when things are at a low point all you need to do is have friends around for support, but I also feel the need to be alone and not talk about things, sort them out without anyone knowing.
The comments, texts and calls have meant so very much to me. My mind is completely confused right now so i'm sorry if this doesn't make sense right now.

Competing this year is on hold now officially. Until I can get things sorted out I really won't know for sure. Things are about to get rough and I need to stay strong to get through it. Just for the record my health is good, i'm not ill.

I am still visiting blogs when I have a chance but i'm not really commenting much, sorry :-(

You guys mean the world to me and I hope i don't push any of you away, it is not my intension at all.

See you soon,

Deb xxx

Sunday, January 6, 2008

First Post For 2008

At this stage I have no idea what my direction is for this year in relation to competing. Once I have my life in order I will know more.
I would really like to compete in September so I will still aim for this comp and hope it all works out.

I will try to update more soon.

Miss you guys!