Wednesday, April 30, 2008

First Day Back AT The Gym

Walked into the gym today after a full month off and since many of the members of my gym know me really well they also knew why I was away so I wore a baggy t-shirt in this morning as not to attract to much attention lol.

Anyway it was funny the guys were being polite by trying not to look at my chest and the girls were wanting me to show them in the ladies changerooms, to funny on both parts.

I managed to do legs today. I started with some light smith machine squats then moved onto leg ext's, standing leg curls, calf raises.
All sets were really light as an introduction back into things.
I then cross trained for half an hour trying desperately not to bounce as I was moving to the music on my ipod. Then I finished with a half hour easy paced walk.

I've noticed that I have lost weight and look a little skinny in the arms and legs so I hope to change this slowly but surely.

Tomorrow I will see how I go with some upper body being sure to avoid anything that has me putting my hands stretched out over my head such as chins or lat pulldowns.

Walking outside on a daily basis over the last month was so great, I had no idea how good it was going to be for me. I managed to keep my weight down, in fact I lost weight judging by my clothes. The fresh air was good for my mind and I got so much thinking done. Now I find myself debating wheather to go to the gym or go walking! Obviously I LOVE weight training so that won hands down ;-)
I will add my walks to my week as I believe it would be an advantage to my training. My mindset was always "go fast, go hard" for results I could never allow myself to slow down even though I know that this is the best method for reducing bodyfat and maintaining muscle mass. This surgery was a good thing because I got more then just a great boob job out of it :-)


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

1 Year Has Passed Already??

It's been a year since I won my division in the WNBF Female Fusion, I can't believe how fast time goes.

Anyway, i'm only a week away from going back to the gym woohoo!! I am feeling so much better and have noticed my "girls" looking more "relaxed" and not so firm which makes them look so much nicer :-) The swelling is reduced but they are still a little tender.

I will ease my way back into weights, I shall start with some light leg work and take it from there.

I heard from Liz this morning and she will hopefully be home by the weekend :-) Great news for her, she can focus on the healing process.

Congrats to Sam on her beautiful baby boy, he is so adorable!!


Sunday, April 20, 2008

Thinking Of Liz

Liz went in for her operation last Friday and I can't stop thinking about her! I know she is still in hospital and can't wait to find out how everything went, I know she will be stoked with her new girls as she would have seen her new cleavage as soon as she woke up from surgery. I dare say her tummy will be very sore and wish Liz a fast recovery :-)

I'm feeling so much better myself and am managing to keep sane with my hourly walk everyday. I will be going back to the gym on the 1st of May (9 days to go) but i'm not touching the weights until i see Dr.Layt and get the okay first.

Competing this year? I want to so much and can't stop thinking about it and planning for it. I know I shouldn't in case it's to soon and I don't want to be disappointed but the fact is i will be if I can't :-(
I know it won't be the end of the world and I will compete 2009 but it will be a difficult year for me as spectator instead of a competitor.

When is it okay to start using the bio oil on the scars? Tomorrow is 3 weeks since surgery.

Deb xoxox

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Goodlife Fitness Centre

Yesterday I did a shift at Goodlife to start my 20 hour work placement for my course. I had the best day ever and can't wait to do it again soon.
It was such a great atmosphere and I felt right at home being there.
I followed around with a couple of personal trainers and sat in on client screening and many other interesting things. It was great being included in conversation with the clients and even being asked my point of view!

I miss training and exercising and can't wait until May 16th to see my surgeon so he can let me know exactly what I can and can't do.
I will go back into the gym 1st of May but only for light cardio.

The weather has been gorgeous so I have been walking daily for and 45 minutes. It makes me feel so good, must be the fresh air.

See you soon.


Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Getting Better

I have to say this has proven to be much more challenging for me then I imagined. When I say this I don't mean because of the pain factor, I mean more so because of the restrictions I have now.
Not being able to exercise (except walking) is killing me. For someone who exercised almost daily it is difficult to do nothing. My mind and body are suffering. My legs build up a weird frustrated type of feeling that sends me around the bend, it's hard to explain the built up feeling. I feel as though I need to move, it's like excess energy that's building up inside me with no release and makes me feel irritable, it's painful.
The weather isn't helping, I can't go for walks outside so I get my ipod and walk around the house is circles for 35 minutes a day. This helps a little to ease my mind but I am in need of more.

I understand how important it is to take it easy but trust me this is taking it easy :-)

My girls look incredible so it's well worth this challenge.

In six weeks time I have another appointment to see Dr. Layt, I will be able to discuss with him if I am okay to compete this year. It will be left up to his professional judgement. I would need to start the prep not long after his appointment (approx 4 weeks later) so it may be too soon.

For now I need to be patient with everything and just heal completely.

For those girls that have been asking me about my breast augmentation here is the details:
Placement was over the muscles.
Incision was below or under the breast in the crease.
Implants: FX 360cc, pear shaped.

I am currently a full D cup with all the swelling but should drop to a full C cup. Before the operation I was a B cup with no firmness what so ever. I had a lot of loose skin due to the fact I was a natural C/D cup years ago so it was a matter of filling out the skin again.

Take care and I will be around to visit soon!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Post Op

Thank you so much for your messages and sorry I haven't been able to update until now.
Everything went well but I am still feeling a little drowsy from the pain killers.
My boobs look amazing lol, I wasn't quite expecting them to be this good :-)

I promise to give you more details soon but just needed to let you all know i'm fine and on the road to recovery.

Deb xxx