Sunday, December 7, 2008

Hi Guys!

Life has never been this busy and hectic before, I am trying desperately to keep on top of things and so far so good :-)

I'm really enjoying life as a personal trainer and I have been picking up some pretty special clients.  I'm really enjoying taking on the responsibility of helping them reach their goals (in due time) and getting to know them with each session we get together.

It's also a learning curve for me as most of my clients have never lifted weights before so I need to start from scratch with them and ease them into it slowly, but it's all going well.

I'm still managing to fit in my training 5 days per week, but i'm only doing cardio 2 days per week so i'm hoping it's not going to be an issue, I haven't spoken to JD about it yet as I was thinking of just plodding along until my next appointment at the end of the month and discussing it from there as I would have known from the skins that he will take if it's a bad thing or not.

The 5am starts are a killer on Tue, Wed, and Thursday's but i'm getting used to it a bit.  At least it's sunny here a 4.30am!

This year is coming to an end so I guess it's time to think of putting together a new blog for next year.

Deb xxx


Jadey said...

Hey Deb,

Yes for sure, we must catch up soon! Can't wait, glad to hear you are loving your new job.. Do what you have to to get through the busy time and then we will catch up. You just say the word chick.

Jadey x (you can always email me about anything else you wanna chat about hon)

Splice said...

Thanks chook! I will sort things out and then give you a call.
Deb xxx

Anonymous said...

Busy, busy, busy lady. Sounds like you're loving your new job Deb. When do we get to see a photo of you in your new uniform at work? Pwetty pwease, for me. ;o) xxx

Splice said...

LOL Lia, me in my uniform, not sure about that hee hee. But when Goodlife gets my profile together it will be on their website.

Glad your doing really well Lia, happy to hear all the boxes are ticked for today :-)


Magda said...

Hey Debs,

glad to hear that your new job is going well and you still make time for yourself (its so easy to let it slip as you work hard to build your client base).



PS Yep 5am starts are tough but often necessary LOL