Monday, December 1, 2008

Where Am I???

It's just so hard to keep up with myself these days, i'm just so busy.  Work is going great, I am already starting to build up a good clientele base which is great especially for this time of the year.

My training has been squeezed into available times and it has been intensive as I have taken on JD's program now.  I love it as it is very effective and since starting it last week I have had DOMS all week.  It's a 5 day split, that's how I like to train but maybe I should look at a 4 day split due to time management.

Cardio, what's that???  I have had no time for cardio, only training.  So instead of 5 cardio sessions, i'm only getting in two on the weekends.  I'm hoping this won't be a problem but time will tell.  I see JD on the 22nd Dec for skinfolds.

Nutrition, with preparation I have been on top of it 100%.  If I didn't prepare my food it would be a disaster.  So important to stay on top of this.

I had a lovely off plan meal Saturday night, garlic bread and pasta, I haven't had either in over a year I think.  It was completely guilt free, I felt awesome.  I washed it down with some red wine.  I was instructed to have my off plan meals once a week and I "had" to have it so i'm following orders to see what happens lol.

I've been reading blogs so I know what everyone is up to, just haven't had time to leave comments, I will be around soon.

Deb xxx

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Shannon said...

Glad your new job is going well Deb. You sound like you are very organised with your food and training... I know how tough that can be juggling work and intense training!