Tuesday, December 9, 2008

4am is not right!

Three days straight of 4am wake up's, it's not right at all lol.  The days are so much more longer that's for sure.  I'm getting used to it though, I never was an early morning person in the past, in fact nobody could even talk to me until 10am, boy how things change!  The only times I saw 4am in the past was when i was going to bed after a great night out ;-) that was long ago now.

Works going well as I mentioned in my previous posts.  A couple of my clients think i'm a nutter due to my utter excitement when they went up in weights today and hit all targets I gave them.  I don't know what came over me but it is so exciting seeing them reach levels they have never been to before.  They are new to weight training so it's nothing major for the advanced but it's HUGE for them :-)  But they did appreciate my excitement as it got them all excited too lol.  Encouragement, support, motivation, care and supervision are all important traits to take on when becoming a personal trainer.
But other things need to be put in place too in regards to the business end of things.  Working smart and bringing a plan into place to avoid no shows or last minute cancellations.  I have seen this happen to many of the PT's at work and I figured I better put something together so I can avoid it or minimize it as much as possible.  So I think I have it under control, see how it goes, so far so good :-)

I'm really missing not being about to do cardio :-(, i'm so hoping that it's not going to be an issue.  My five day weight training split along with my nutrition should be enough to keep my body fat levels dropping slowly, fingers crossed.

My back is still bad, so my leg days have been light weight for a couple of months now, not how i'm used to training my legs but I have no choice.  I do go a little heavier on lunges as it doesn't hurt my back as much.  Front squats are not as heavy as before but good enough.  I have to say that I have noticed the definition in my quads coming through already and they don't look to bad, so a note to myself, don't stress about not being about to go heavy on legs.  I can't see my back getting better before my comp so it will be interesting to see how my legs look on stage this time.

Take care everyone :-)

Deb xxx


Skye said...

Hey girl...im a trainer with goodlife as well in the wintergarden....where are u? also i recomend to get your clients on Direct debit.....it is so good i have been a pt for 3yrs now and have only had dd for past year....boy does it make a difference so im covered if they cancel.....Good luck and enjoy the early mornings.....skye x

Splice said...

Hi Skye!
I'm at Helensvale.
I have set up DD and also get them to sign a waiver stating that if they cancel at last minute or not show up they lose a session, it's easy to handle with DD :-)

We should catch up some time, perhaps if your on the coast come up to Goodlife and say hi or vice versa :-)

Deb xx

Alison said...

4 am... um... that is early :) Just Wonderful that your work is going so well, you so deserve it Deb!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend and thanx for the comment about Kyah on facce book :)

Hilary said...

Sounds like you are loving your new job - pity about the super early starts though!

My gym is a Goodlife too!

Hilary xx

stephmd said...

oooh 4am that is a big ask, glad you are slowly getting used to it- at least its not too dark this time of year! I wouldn't worry about not being able to get all your cardio in either Deb, we know that's the last tool after nutrition and weight training for fat loss and you are hitting those!