Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Silly me

I have been mentioning how busy I am lately and that I have cut back on my cardio to twice a week, well I called JD yesterday to re-schedule our time for Monday's appointment for my skin folds and whilst I had him on the phone I told him about the two day cardio situation.  From the sound of his voice I knew I had to ask him if that was a problem?  He said "it's just that your calories are structured with the cardio  prescribed".
Oh shoot, my heart sank for a minute, but then I thought i'm not going to worry until I see him as I am pretty sure I have dropped a little, I will weigh myself on Monday also.  I know he wanted me at 70mls by then and I hope it doesn't throw things out to much with his plans and the way he does this.

I can only blame myself, I should have contacted him 3 weeks ago and told him, he may have made some adjustments to my daily meal plan.  Silly me!  I won't make that mistake again especially coming closer to the 20 week out mark.  He is my trainer and I need to tell him this stuff, it's important, lesson learnt and better now then later :-).

Anyway, i'm just to busy to worry about it which is good.  I'm staying positive because I have been so good with nutrition and weight training (5 day split).  Plus I am moving around  more then what I used to now that I am at Goodlife so i'm sure that accounts for something ;-)  here's hoping and grasping at straws!

Gosh I love my Iphone!!!!  I have started using Ical (calendar) and it's so amazing, I feel so organized lol.  I don't know why I never used it before, I do like to take my time with things sometimes.

I've read blogs but not commented so I am up to date, will comment soon.

Deb x

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Ali said...

Hey Deb.
I think thats one of the best things about Jon hey. Theres no sugar coating or emotions brought into it. If your not up speed he'll tell you. Likewise if your doing really well and he gives you a complement you know he means it.
You'll be fine. I can't wait till I'm 20 weeks out!! haha getting excited. Though I am glad xmas isn't so close to it. Too many interruptions and ham and cheese sandwhiches to eat! haha
Merry xmas xo